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Tisha Grant is a licensed contractor, real estate entrepreneur, and the founder and CEO of The ContractHer Design Studio & Academy. Established in 2022, The ContractHer initially gained acclaim for its outstanding home renovations. However, in the past year, it has emerged as a leader in reshaping women's involvement in DIY projects and home improvement.


After moving to Maryland with her husband and children to build their dream home, Tisha found herself navigating a difficult divorce and the daunting task of starting over with just $2000 to her name. With unwavering determination, she transformed a fixer-upper into a modern and chic sanctuary, discovering her passion for design and home improvement along the way. Her journey garnered a large social media following that now looks to her for everything design and DIY.


She also holds a master’s degree in social work and is redefining what it means to be of service to her community. Due to her social work and teaching background, she has a unique approach to working with renovation clients that supports them through their design and construction projects in a way that keeps them feeling informed, in control, and excited.

Through the academy, she teaches women the basics of skilled trades to boost confidence and break barriers in the often male-dominated field of contracting. Her hands-on curriculum covers plumbing, electrical work, woodworking, drywall repair, epoxy, interior design, and project management. The classes offered not only empower women with essential skills for home improvement projects but also bridge the workforce development gap. This program provides a unique opportunity for women to explore skilled trades without a significant time or financial commitment. As a result, it has ignited interest among women and inspired them to pursue careers in these fields.


Whether contracted for renovation services or attending a workshop, The ContractHer is dedicated to offering clients a personalized and empowering experience that cultivates self-sufficiency and autonomy. With The ContractHer, entrepreneurs and homeowners are empowered to literally take matters into their own hands to protect their investments while saving time and money.



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